Which social media blogger to use – Tumblr, Posterous, Paper.li?

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Blogging is in resurgence, largely because the way people are blogging and what they are blogging about has changed over recent years. Focus has shifted from text heavy blogs on particular subjects, to people posting whatever they want, whenever they want, quickly and easily evidenced through the upsurge in use of “micro blogging” platforms. Micro blogging is a simpler, easier to update blog, perfect for those who don’t need lots of features.

Tumblr vs Posterous

Tumblr and Posterous are the two most prominent micro blogging platforms.

So how do you make the decision of which micro blogging platform to use? It’s all about personal preference, and whilst on the surface both of these platforms seem identical there are a few differences that may swing your vote.

  • Posting – Posterous comes out best here as it utilises email (both online and from mobile phones) as the main way to post content whereas Tumblr focuses more on publishing via the web. Both have iPhone and android applications to help you get your posts up on the move but right now Posterous is easier to post your content on the move.
  • Sharing: At the moment, Posterous is hands down winner when it comes to posting to other social media. Tumblr offers you the option to auto update your Facebook and Twitter whereas Posterous offers a lot more options here including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Vimeo, Tumblr, Blogger and more.
  • Contributors: With Posterous you can invite other people to become contributors. Tumblr does something similar, it offers you the possibility to allow other people to send you posts, which will be queued in drafts until you approve them. Tumblr does have one thing though that Posterous doesn’t which is an “ask me”section, a special form where people can ask bloggers anything.
  • Customisation: Tumblr has the edge here as it has a myriad of various themes, with a load of variables as well as being able to use your own CSS. Posterous doesn’t fall short of expectations either offering similar customisation but just not on the same level as Tumblr.

Your choice will depend on exactly what you are looking for, but Posterous’ ability to share content to more social media, the ease of having contributors and also the easy posting ability means that it is now a very viable alternative to Tumblr, the more used and known platform.

Another alternative, the up and coming Paper.li

If the above sites aren’t exactly what you are looking for then perhaps Paper.li is.

With Paper.li you can organise links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper style format. Newspapers can be created for any Twitter user, list or hash tag and are an aggregation of Twitter posts and are updated automatically every 24 hours. So whilst not a conventional blogging platform, it offers a new way to keep up to date with your interests as well as offering the same to fellow subject enthusiasts.

In summary, both Tumblr and Posterous are great services for people who would like to have a blog without worrying about it too much. Tumblr seems to have the edge on simplicity and design whereas Posterous’ numerous ways of posting and sharing certainly holds some weight. Paper.li offers a whole new angle on a “blog” and could offer an easier way of producing a blog on particular subjects.

The choice is yours!

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